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Founded in 1918 Yuantouzhu Park, Han Young was the West national capitalists private garden, called "the first attraction in Wuxi." Changchun Bridge, Cheng Lan Tang, Fei Ge, Jinsong Building, Light Temple, Tao Zhu and other garden buildings dotted Court, Lake fairy islands, sea turtle Nagisa Chuntao, million Langjuan snow, deer top Ying hui, show hidden charge Hill other area unique. Sea turtle sea turtle Nagisa Nagisa Chuntao lighthouse next ...[Detail]

Li Yuan covers an area of 123 acres, of which about two-fifths water area, known to water features. Step inside the thousands of Liyuan quite interesting gallery, said the wall of each window lattice pattern is different. This is a quite landscape park south local characteristics of the "Shikumen" building, formerly the "Fishing Village" the door, the building changed several times, into the present style, Li Yuan turned into the main entrance. ...[Detail]

Spring Huishan Dong Lu Hui Lu Yu for being named "the world is the second spring" and legendary. Erhu song, "Reflection of the Moon", that is, the blind folk artists Bing in Huishan fountain with his experience and written, and thus benefit the flip of spring at home and abroad. Symmetrical shape of the Song Dynasty lotus bridge, carved, culture, heritage value are considered superior. StandAt the foot of Xishan minarets over four centuries, the ...[Detail]

It reverberates with the buckling southern gardens, the layout of the characteristics of magic creation, but also through the mountain, harmony of nature, and thus has a unique rustic style of the Qing Kuang. Stream Park in octave, seven bridges, know that the fish bar, Yu disk Gallery, Jiashu Tang, Han virtual pavilion and other buildings. The eastern foot of the mountain for the rockery by Huishan Mountains form, and structure Qu Jian, cited ...[Detail]

Lake Xiandao points fairyland, and the days are immortals and other scenic spots. There are simple and dignified, Tinglang links will Xian Qiao, Xian Qiao North West will duck the hill for the fairyland resort, stands a carved small strand "of Taihu Lake Xiandao" big arch. A special habitat for monkeys and performing arts Huaguoshan monkey, mountain curtain hole, the performing arts field, is also decorated with the "monkey god was born," ...[Detail]

Scenic existing three major scenic spots: the plum plum theme of cultural attractions, there are washing the heart spring, Tianxin Taiwan, Nian-qu tower, chanting Bin Tang, study at, and many of the "Wing';s" humanistic heritage; Garden Exposition set of natural and different styles of landscape as a whole, furnished with a windmill, bridge, coffee shops, churches, etc.; Huaxi scenic floral introduced more than 100 varieties, and has a huge rock ...[Detail]

For the leading mountain winds stretching from the Great Lake reservoir in the abdomen, the formation of the peninsula, exactly like the blue dragon lay on the Lake among the leading named Nagisa. Resort area of the "Seven Mile dike" is finished now by far the best horse mountain landscape boulevard leading from the Mountain Giant Buddha to Nagisa just 5 minutes by car, visitors can enjoy the beauty of Taihu Lake along. Hope there are three ...[Detail]