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jstengfei_liuyuscore:4.8 / 52020-10-27

Room too small, service is good, the surrounding environment.
Daisy5453score:3.0 / 52020-10-20

This hotel belongs to the Jiangyin hotel, hotel breakfast at 25-floor revolving restaurant dining while enjoying the Yangtze River Bridge and Jiangyin City scenery, places to have a characteristic belonging to this hotel, this facility has been open for 15 years old, if able to redecorate but will also improve the grade of hotel.
William0324score:4.0 / 52020-10-14

Like the
candyraine2599score:5.0 / 52020-10-11

Bring the kids here, he liked 25 floor revolving restaurant, not bad.
m7076218score:5.0 / 52020-10-10

As always, good
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